Nvidia / ATI graphics chip reballing and repair service for your
HP Pavilion & Compaq Laptop.

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Is your HP Pavilion / Compaq laptop displaying the following symptoms?

  • Laptop powers on but there is no display or sound
  • Laptop powers on but will only go into windows in safe mode, in normal mode you get a blue screen or the display is corrupted
  • When the power button is pressed, all of the lights will come on but the screen stays blank
  • Scrambled display
  • Dead pixels all over the screen
  • Laptop powers on, then goes straight off again
  • Multiple lines on the screen
  • Screen going completely white/green or any other colour after prolonged periods of use
  • Multiple screens displayed on the screen
  • Laptop boots up but wireless/USB ports do not work
  • Makes a beeping noise, then goes straight off again
  • Completely dead

You are not alone!

Since 2006 all electronic equipment, including laptops and computers have been manufactured with lead free solder..
This solder is easily damaged by overheating. The most common causes for this damage are as follows:

  • Your laptop cooling fan has become fully blocked with dust so that it no longer is capable of cooling the CPU or graphics chip.
  • You are in the habit of using your laptop on the bed or carpet,   

Why this happens and your options

The reason you are having this issue is because the solder balls under your GPU have either cracked or have become detached from the solder pads on the motherboard.

We can provide a permanent fix to your laptop problem!

Once the lead free solder cracks there is only way to resolve this problem permanently. This is called Reballing.
This means that the unleaded solder has to be removed and replaced with a quality solder and most importantly, a modification is carried out to prevent overheating from happening again.

Instead of using very cheap and ineffective pads, which are supposed to increase conductivity between the Nvidia graphics chip and heatsink (which become hard and brittle over time thus acting as more of an insulator!), we use Artic Silver compound and 1.6mm solid red copper sheaths to disperse the heat correctly. This normally reduces the graphics chip heat by around 30%.

Our warranty period on this repair is 6 months!

Normal turnaround time for this work is approx two working days from collection of your laptop.

Most laptops at some time can suffer from the breakdown in contact between the graphics chip and the mainboard.
We reball many of the main graphics chips on most laptops using the latest in Infra red technology including Toshiba, Dell and Sony.

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