• Over 3 hours of computer building video lessons
  • PC diagnostics and optimisation
  • Massive PC Technician`s Utility Toolkit
  • Firewall and antivirus solutions
  • Live interactive simulations
  • Huge Windows XP user guides
  • Interactive web tutor course
  • Boot up any PC - Many boot up tools included
  • Interactive touch typing course
  • Data recovery and hard disk fixes
  • Computer repair and fault finding.
  • Includes a 1000 page Microsoft Vista User Guide!
Only £9.99
Only £9.99

Whether you are looking to build a new computer, upgrade your operating system, learn about Information Technology, share your printer, set up a home or small office network, build your own website or just want to optimize and speed up your PC. The Pro PC Package has it ALL covered!

Our Massive 3 CD Rom Collection is crammed full, below is a breif overview:

  • Over Three Hours of Computer Building Video Lessons
  • 1000 Page Microsoft Vista User Guide <<
  • Internet Phishing Safe Guard & Security
  • Configuring and Trouble Shooting Windows XP
  • Huge collection of PC Technician Utilities, Tools & Programs
  • What is Information Technology? Find out here!
  • In depth Wireless & Cabled Networking guides & tuition's
  • Live Interactive Windows XP Simulations
  • Massive User Guide to Office XP
  • Interactive Touch Typing Tutor
  • And so much more we had to put it on 3 CD's

Live InteractiveSimulations

The Pro PC Package comes fully loaded with a range of Live Interactive Simulations. The Live Simulations provide you with a 'Dummy Run' of many Windows tasks (detailed below). During these simulations you will actually believe you are performing a real task within Windows.

The simulations are perfect for anybody who is not sure how to perform a Windows task and is too afraid to try in case things go wrong and their computer crashes. It will show you the whole process from setting your Boot sequence in your computers BIOS through to formatting your hard drive and installing Windows XP!

There a several other interactive lessons that teach your many things about XP and best of all they give you hands on experience in a completely safe environment.

How to Set up the computer BIOS
How to install Windows XP
How to use Windows XP Disk Administrator
How to use Windows XP System Restore function
Installing the DOS Operating System
Preparing a Computer for a Windows 98 Install
How to Install Windows 98
H@cking Windows 98 Network Resources

Discover WindowsVista

Learn everything you need to know for working with Windows Vista with this amzing user guide containing over 1000 pages! Get the answers you need to use the new features of Windows Vista, including the sidebar and gadgets, and the Windows slideshow.

You'll also discover how to use new features in Microsoft Windows Media® Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7. Get up-to-date information on how to configure and customize your desktop, how to use new security-enhanced features, and more.

What's New in Windows Vista
Using Windows Media Center
Installing and Configuring Windows Vista Performing Routine Maintenance
Personalizing Windows Vista Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance
Using Internet Explorer 7 Troubleshooting Windows Errors
Security and Networking Vista style Recovering From a Computer Crash
Managing User Accounts, Passwords & Logons Managing Disks and Drives
Tweaking and Troubleshooting a Small Network
Automating Windows Vista
Digital Media Essentials Monitoring System Activities
Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection Setting Up a Small Network
Creating and Watching Movies and DVDs Managing Shared Folders and Printers

3 Hours of PC Building VideoLessons

Our Digital Innovations section of The Pro PC Package consists of over 3 hours of Full Motion Video that will guide you through every aspect of building a computer system, from start to finish.

The PC Building Video Lessons are extremely detailed and you You will learn how a computer works and you will see how each major hardware component makes up a computer. The Video Lessons cover both AMD & Pentium computers including SATA & IDE hard disk drives.

All major hardware components including the CPU (processor), Motherboard, Ram (memory), Video, Sound, Graphics cards, CD drives, DVD drives, Floppy drives, SATA & IDE Hard drives etc.

Tools Needed For The Job
Computer Cases
The Different types of Motherboards (Intel & AMD)
The Different types of Processors (Intel & AMD)
Installing the Processor, Heatsink & Fan
Installing the Motherboard
Installing Memory (Dual Channel DDR)
Installing / Replacing a Power Supply Unit
Installing Expansion Cards into the Motherboard
Installing Hard Drive (SATA & IDE), CD & DVD Drives
Setting up the Motherboard BIOS
Installing Windows XP & Creating Hard Disk Partitions
Overclocking an Intel Pentium 4 Processor

Massive WindowsXP Trouble Shooting Guide

Want to get the most out of Windows XP with minimum effort? From a fresh install XP or a Win 98 / M.E upgrade to XP, you will find everything you need here.

Discover everything about Windows XP, from automating Xp Pro setups through to using Xp's Backup & Restore Wizard.You will find everything you ever wanted to know about Windows XP here.

Installing / Upgrading to XP

Folder Sharing ~ Xp Style!
Configuring the Desktop Configuring Hard Drives
My Computer & Network Places Manage Devices
Creating Local Users & Accounts Learn too use the Event Viewer
Domain User Accounts Transferring Files & Settings
Password Hinting How to use the Control Panel
Configure Outlook Express Disaster Recovery & Prevention
Adding / Sharing Printers Using Troubleshooting Logs
Using Remote Desktop Working with the Paging File
XP Networking XP Recovery Console
System Recovery Within XP Backing up/ Restoring the Registry
Managing Disks and Drives Editing the Registry
Using Built-in Programs Managing Printers & Fonts
Optimizing Windows Managing Print Jobs
Creating & Organizing Shortcuts Printing to a File
Working with Compressed Files Managing Hardware &Drivers
Customizing Explorer Configuring Power Management
The Command Prompt Using Hot Plugable Devices
Using XP Help & Support Working with Drivers
Using XP Troubleshooting Tools Dual Booting Windows
Types of User Accounts Using Digital Certificates
Managing User Accounts Sending Faxes in XP
Removing Password Protection Making Calls with XP Phone Dialer
Working with the Registry XP Net meeting & Conferencing
Using the Event Viewer Bridging Network Connections
Converting a Drive to NTFS Packet Filtering & Firewall's
Disk Defragmenter Understanding XP Security
Working with XP Backup Tools Working with Hyper Terminal

Hard Disk DriveData Recovery

If you've been using computers for a any amount of time there is a good chance someone has told you that data stored on a hard drive is not exactly safe, well this is indeed true.

Never mind the fact that unlike CDs or DVD's or other methods of storage, hard drives are mechanical, active devices and are thus subject to comparatively rapid breakdown. So rapid in fact that you will not be aware of any problems until it is too late.

But fear not as we have included a huge amount of information that explains hundreds of methods that can be employed to recover your important data and even fix a broken or defective Hard Disk Drive. This information can be invaluable when your Hard Disk Drive fails and you need to recover your critical data.


With the increased use of laptop computers within the home and office environments, the demand for wireless networking has escalated massively. Wireless networking can provide all the same resources as a traditional wired network, however there are many considerations to take into account when building a wireless network.

The Pro PC Package will guide you through every step of building a wireless network from selecting the correct equipment to sharing the internet, network printers & data and also teaches you the most important element - Security! With the help of the PRO PC Package you will be building your own Wireless network in no time!

Below is a break down of what you can expect to learn about Wireless Networking from the Pro PC Package

Understanding Wireless
Wireless Zero Configuration in XP
Planning a Wireless Network General Internet Security
Pricing Wireless Equipment What is WEP security
Choosing Wireless Equipment Securing your Wireless Network
Choosing an Access Point Configuring WEP Security
Where to Install the Access Point Enabling Sharing
Configuring an Access Point Setting up file sharing
Wireless Network Adaptors Adding Printers
Installing Access points in XP Setting up printer sharing
DHCP & Static IP addresses Printing & Data Transfer
Wireless Routers & Gateways Bluetooth
Wireless Internet Access Wireless Synching with a PDA
Internet Connection Sharing Setting up Port Forwarding
Wireless Connection Sharing Gaming over Wireless
Setting up a Wireless Workgroup Console Gaming over Wireless
Obtaining I.P Addresses Wireless troubleshooting


Setting up a Network Hub
Domain Name System (DNS)
Network Protocols Building your own network
Configuring a Network Telnet & FTP
TCP/IP Protocol OSI Seven-Layer Model
Gateway Protocols Setting up network hardware
File and Printer Sharing Computers and Workgroups
Accessing shared Data and Files Adding a computer to a network
Network Programming TCP/IP Configuration
Gateway to Gateway Protocols Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Telnet and FTP explained The Internet Protocol (IP)
DOS and Windows Clients Socket Programming Interface
Network Architectures Network Information Service

PhisingSecurity - Get Protected Now

What is Phising? In computing the term Phishing used to characterize attempts to fraudulently acquire a computer users personal information, such as user names & passwords and even more worrying, credit card details. These details are collected by people masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication usually an email or an instant message.

Phishing is often used by criminals within the eBay community to gain access to innocent eBayers account. You have probably seen the phishing attempts yourself, where you are asked to click on a link in an email and enter your personal details in an official looking web site. The term Phishing within eBay is more commonly known as a SPOOF email.

But worry no more! The Pro PC Package comes with a unique program that will protect you and warn you when you are viewing non-varified and UN-SAFE websites.

Get Verified Websites Protection
Protect Your Credit Card Details
Personal Security ID
Real Site Indicator - Don't get Spoofed!
View detailed site reports
Report suspected fraudulent sites
eBay account Protection
Secure Internet Surfing

InformationTechnologyeight unit course

Want to learn a little about Information Technology? Why not, since that is what is allowing you to view this webpage! Find out what I.T actually is, learn about how a computer actually works - you may just be amazed!

All the following points below are discussd and explained and are structured in an eight unit course that is delivered in .PDF format that can be easily printed out. Also several units contain a small examinations so you can test your computer knowledge!

The evolution of I.T Bits & Bytes
Business Critical Systems The Processor
E-commerce Concept Performance Factors
Hardware Maintenance Intel & AMD Processors
Network Support Memory (R.A.M)
Technical consultancy Data Protection
Health and Safty at Work Act Display systems
COSHH Printing Devices
Static Electricity & ESD Modem Devices & Speeds
Manual Handling Scanning Devices
Hazardous Voltages Storage Devices
Display Screen Equipment Storage of Computer Media
What is P.C Networking? The Evolution of the Internet
P.C Networking Definitions What is the World Wide Web?
Network Types Internet Service Providers
Physical Topologies Internet Browsers
Network Media Using the Internet
Sharing Network Resources Internet Definitions
The Binary Numbering System Communication
Questioning Techniques Time Management
Following-up Problems Teamwork
Structuring Questions Examples of Viruses
Overview of Computer Viruses Preventing Infections
Firewalls & Firewall Definitions Software Licensing

InteractiveTouch-Typing Tutor

Keyboard Skills letting you down? Want to increase your typing speed? The Pro PC Package can help! Our Interactive Touch Typing Tutor teaches you how to touch-type. What is Touch Typing? Touch typing is typing using the sense of touch rather than sight to find the keys.

Once you can touch-type you will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters you want to type

Increase Job Prospects 0
Practice your worst finger / key
Right to Left Text Support
Lesson Progress Indicator
Multi Language Support
3D Typing Game
Variable Text Size
Multi-User Support
Indication of which fingers to use
Touch Typing Statistics

H.T.M.lWeb Tutor

Our specially designed H.T.M.L Tutor to teach you the language of the Internet.
Designed especially for the beginners and intermediate users, the H.T.M.L Tutor is a browser based application that teaches H.T.M.L (Hyper Text Makeup Language) coding in a very easy to understand and fun way.

Within a few hours you will be able to Code Your Own Web Page and even make stunning adverts for your eBay auctions!

HTML Tags in Plain English Section Headings & Link Colors
How to Make Tables Create Ordered & Unordered Lists
How to Create Forms How to Insert Images & Relative Paths
How to Use Frames Mono spaced Font, Font Size Types
Hex Values for HTML Code Formatting Email Image Links
How to Make Magic Buttons Image sizes, Thumbnails and Anchors
How to Use Sounds in a Web Page Space Code and Special Characters
How to Create & Edit Backgrounds How to Make & use Thumbnail Images
Access to Ready Written Java Script How to Upload your Web Pages

Also including a MassiveOffice2003 user guide

And a Huge PC Technician Utility Toolkit

The Pro PC Package is supplied on 3 CD ROMS!


What will you do when your computer develops a problem? Will you pay in excess of £45.00 per hour to have a computer technician look at it, or would you rather fix the problem yourself using the very same software tools that the professionals use?

Our Pro PC Pachage contains a huge selection of tools, programs and applications that will allow you to easily get your computer running like new again - And thats guaranteed!!

This free Advanced PC System Recovery Kit consists of almost 80 utilities that professional computer engineers use day-in, day-out to troubleshoot and fix computers. If you use this recovery kit just once you will have saved yourself a small fortune in repair fees!

Boot-Up Any Computer - Complete Boot Disk Collection
l A complete suite of Boot Disk utilities that will allow you to easily Boot-Up & Format any Windows computer.

The 'Advanced System Recovery Suite' will allow you to easily make Boot-Up Disc's for all these Operating Systems:
  • DOS 5.0
  • DOS6.0
  • DOS 6.21
  • DOS 6.22
  • Windows 95a
  • Windows 95b
  • Windows 98 OEM
  • Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Windows 98 S.E Custom Install
  • Windows ME Standard Edition
  • Windows ME Custom Install
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000 Professional

Live Anti Virus Protection
Every time you use the internet or read your email your computer is at risk from being infected with a virus or worse, a worm. These viruses & worms can reek havoc on your computer and cause it to function slowly, crash and switch off. But the really scary thought is that viruses & worms and transmit your personal information to hackers. The Advanced System Recovery Suite offers you Live Anti Virus protection that is easy to use and kind to your computer.

Internet Firewall
l If you don't have a firewall running on your computer you are inviting trouble. Protect your computer and keep your personal data / details safe from the outside world and computer hackers.

A firewall makes your computer 'invisible' in the internet so if you can't be seen you can't be hacked!

Protect your computer from unwanted attacks from outside as well as from malicious programs 'living' secretly inside your computer's memory and hard drive.

Features Include:

  • Low-level network packets filtering
  • Application-level network events filtering
  • Filtering of user-level process activity
  • Protect you personal information from hackers
  • Make your computer 'invisible' on the internet
  • Complete peice of mind and security

Windows XP Firewall Users


Are you using Windows XP built-in Firewall? If so then read on......

Contained within this 'Advanced System Recovery Suite' is a simple program for people using the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) in Windows XP. It will read the log file and show you who is trying to get into your computer, and through which ports. The data can be filtered to include/exclude protocols, connection types, and TCP flags. It includes connections to an in-depth on-line resource database to give you more information on what a specific port is for and how it may be being exploited.

Worried that your computer may be infected with Spyware? You should be....

Spy ware is similar to a Trojan horse in that you unwittingly and unknowingly install the product when installing something else.

Once installed, the spy ware covertly gathers information and monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else. Spy ware can also gather information about e-mail addresses and even passwords and credit card numbers.

The 'Advanced System Recovery Suite' fully arms you with the tools and utilities you will need to free your computer of Spy ware. Also included are utilities to prevent your computer from automatically transmitting information to Microsoft and blocks the MS Corp from monitoring your computer. Also it allows you to disables the 'Limiting of Internet Bandwidth', a feature unknown to many users that is built into XP by Microsoft.

  • Simple to use graphical interfaces
  • Easily Scan for and Remove Spy ware & Ad ware
  • Securely delete files
  • I.E Home Page hijack Protection
  • Internet Cache & History Cleaning
  • Statistics Gathering software removal
  • Live updates (Internet connection required)
  • Block Microsoft form monitoring your computer
  • Remove Trojans, Key Loggers & System Monitors
  • The easiest way to speed up your computer

Internet Explorer Popup Blocker


Did you know that there are two types of those very annoying Internet Pop-ups. Internet Explorer Pop-ups and I.P Pop-ups, the good news is that the 'Advanced System Recovery Suite' provides protection against both of these Pop-up's.

The Internet Explorer Pop-up blocker runs silently in the system tray and optionally plays a sound and/or shows a balloon tool tip every time a popup is blocked. This is and ideal solution to help provide protection from malicious Spy ware that can install its self onto your computer through Internet Explorer Pop-ups.

Our I.P Popup Blocker is explained in further detail at the bottom of the listing.

Configure your P.C for Optimum Performance & Speed
Give your computer a new lease of life with this specially selected collection of computer system tools:

  • Locate & Remove Garbage Files From Your Hard Disk Drive
  • Scan Your Windows Registery And Automatically Remove Un-necessary Enteries
  • Free Valuable System Recourses & Enhance System Performance
  • Optimize & Speed-up System Memory
  • Boost Your Internet Connection Speed
  • Increase Network (LAN) Transmission Speed
  • Easily Monitor & Modify System Boot Programs

Completly Destroy Sensitive Data & Recover Lost Data
Have you accidentally deleted any of your data? Want to find out what data that old hard drive contained? Now you can Recover 'Deleted' Files or Completely Erase Data with this unique set of utilities:

  • Recover 'Deleted' Data From Both Hard Disk Drives & Floppy Disk's
  • Find Out What Data That Second Hand Hard Disk Contained!
  • Completly Erase Sensitive Data On-The-Fly From Within Windows
  • Secure and completly Unrecoverable Data Elimination
  • Complies to the U.S Department of Defense Standard DoD 5220.22-M

Recover Lost and Deleted Data
f Have you accidentally deleted any of your data? Want to find out what data that old hard drive contained? set of utilities:Easily
l Recover 'Deleted' Data l Recover Data On-The-Fly From Within Windows
l Supports Hard Disk & Floppy Disk's l Works on Removable Media
Find Out What Data That Second Hand Hard Disk Contained!

Low-Level Hard Disk Format
A Low-Level format of your hard drive will return it to it's original 'new' condition and can even rescue a damaged hard drive!
  • Repairs damaged hard drive sectors
  • Returns the surface of the disk to original manufacturing specifications
  • Much more powerfull than the standard DOS 'Format' command
  • The Low-Level Format gets it all!

Password Recovery & Storage
Saved passwords are great, but what happens when you actually have to remember what they are? Don't worry, now you can Recover lost and Forgotten passwords:
  • Store All Your Passwords In One Secure Location On Your Computer
  • Recover Lost and Forgotten Passwords
  • Display Every Password Stored On A Computer (Win9x only)Recover .ZIP File Passwords
  • FTP Password Recovery

Completely Clone Your Hard Disk Drive

In a few simple clicks your can duplicate the entire contents of your hard disk to another hard disk. This is an ideal solution for data transferance and saves so much time!