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Suround yourself in the mystique of the lost world!

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Atlantis 'The Lost Civilisation'.

Did Atlantis really exist, and if so, where? Atlantis has been linked to Bimini, the Canary Islands, Santorini and Troy, but to this day no one can be sure of the exact location of this lost city. "Atlantis: The Lost Civilisation investigates who the Atlantians were and answers many of the fascinating questions that surround this mysterious ancient city.

Machu Picchu 'City In The Sky'.

The structure of Machu Picchu, originally built by the Incas, is one of the most archaeologically stunning mysteries of the past. However, even today we are still unsure what its purpose was. Was it an observatory, a pleasure retreat or a fortress? "Machu Picchu - City in the Sky" attempts to uncover the historical and spiritual mysteries of this magical place.

The Lost Castles Of England.

Existing throughout much of the Middle Ages, timber rather than stone castles were the dominant fortications of their period. Rather than small and temporary, timber castles were large, permanent and dotted the English countryside. Yet today only mounds of earth remain. This intriguing programme seeks to uncover the mystery of the lost castles of England.