pc boot disc / laptop virus removal cd - boot cd - ultimate boot cd

The System Recovery Boot Disk contains tons of utilities enabling you to:

  • Restore Deleted Files and recover data
  • Diagnose a hard drive to test if it's still good
  • Copy your Data to a New partition on a new hard drive
  • Ghost copy one hard drive to another
  • Reset windows passwords
  • Completely wipe hard disk zeroing out all data
  • Access Windows System Restore!
  • Virus scanning and removal
  • Spyware scanning and removal
  • Run a plethora of Memory Test Utilities
  • Copy Data from Hard Drive even with bad sectors
  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Detailed hardware report of system
  • Surf the internet with Firefox or update the Virus
  software included on the CD.

This CD can be used as a SPARE OPERATING SYSTEM to repair and rescue any corrupt hard drive and SAVE YOUR IMPORTANT FILES on any Windows System - great when your computer
won`t start even in safe mode or loops in the blue screen of death!

The ALL-in-ONE Solution for Easy Do-It-Yourself PC repair!
If your Windows PC or laptop has the blue screen of death and won't boot up, or has viruses or spyware,
you need the ULTIMATE BOOT CD - Used by Computer Technicians all over the country - yet so easy to use!

The tools on this CD will allow you to boot into your PC to diagnose the hard drive, scan for bad sectors, repair your hard disk, fix registry errors, diagnose your hardware like memory and motherboard, recover data, test your CPU and run scans for viruses or spyware.

1. Insert CD in the CD Drive into your drive.

2.Restart the computer.

3 Select to boot the computer from the CD Drive.

4. Start using the all the tools and utilities you need!

When you boot up from the CD, a text-based menu will be displayed, and you will be able to select the tool you want to run.
If you want, an entire operating system will load directly from the CD into your PC`s RAM memory, which has the look and feel
of Windows XP, featuring icons, programs from a "start menu" - "My Computer" etc, get the picture?

For example, if your PC won`t load Windows, or you get a blue screen reporting an error flash up, or your computer then just resets itself and goes around in circles, with this Ultimate Boot CD, you can easily copy all of your important files to an external hard drive or flash drive (portable USB type)

Don't worry if you are not experienced with solving computer problems.
This CD has been used to Fix, Repair and Recover computers by
Thousands of people just like you!
Frequently Asked Questions...

"What is a bootable CD-Rom?"

A bootable CD-Rom is a CD from which you boot the PC. This means putting the CD in your CD-Rom drive and power-on or rebooting your system. The PC will load a boot image from the CD-Rom and control is given to this boot image.

"Can I use this CD even if Windows XP will no longer work?"

Yes! The Ultimate Boot CD would actually run even if there were NO hard drive in you computer.
The entire operating sytem loads into your PC`s RAM memory. It works in a very simular way to Knoppix,
another CD based linux operating sytem. Click here for more details.

"Will this CD be able to access locked files. I am using Vista?"

Yes! You can take over the permissions of locked, password protected files.
This boot CD is fully compatable will all Windows / Dos / Linux operating systems.

"I don`t have any driver disks. Will this CD be able to pick up these drivers?"

Yes! Windows XP is quite an old operating system now, and the way it handles drivers has been superseeded by much more advanced software technology. Your computer will be fully functional to use once the operating system has been loaded from the boot CD.

"My computer has a virus which can`t be removed using my own anti virus software. Will this CD work?"

Because many viruses infect Windows system files, which are in use as soon as Windows loads, they become locked.
Your antivirus software may find infected files, but is unable to remove them. Because the ultimate boot CD loads directly into memory and the hard drive is untouched, the antivirus tools (the virus definition pattern files can be updated via the internet) can easily remove / clean the infected files.

"I am unable to log in to windows. The password I have used for months no longer works - why?"

A lot of new viruses damage the windows login file or change the password to random characters, making it impossible to even get into your computer. The Ultimate Boot CD is packed with tools and utilities which enable you to repair these problems easily. Included on this CD is a password reset tool which allows you to view / change the Administrator or User passwords on any Windows operating system.

"My PC / Laptop has the newer SATA hard drive, Will the Boot CD still be able to "see" these?

Yes! All the latest drivers are included for new computers.

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The Ultimate Boot CD allows you to save your important documents and pictures to a flash drive or external drive.