what to do if wine or other drink is spilled on your laptop
In the past month, two of our customers have dumped wine into their laptops by accident. The casualties have been a  Toshiba Satallite Pro and a Compaq (appears to be dead). It happens. I spilled half a can of coke over my Sinclair ZX Spectrum during a late night coding session back in the late 1980s, (well, typing in BASIC programs from "Sinclair Programs" magazine! ) I ended up pulling the whole thing to bits at 2:00 AM, cleaning it carefully and putting it back together.

So, I know, it happens to the best of us.

Both cases were the same type of incident; using the laptop while having a glass of wine (in a wine glass). By nature wine glasses are unstable - extremely prone to being knocked over - even more so if a laptop is within the spill zone.

If you want to drink wine while using your computer, for the love of your laptop, use a tumbler instead of a wine glass (or drink it directly out of the bottle)

I know, I know. It is sacrilegious to drink wine out of a tumbler. It makes the wine taste funny. You don't feel right. You expect the etiquette stormtroopers to come in through the door to ridicule you. If you love your laptop, you'll use a tumbler. There are keyboard covers, but I have found them to be annoying to use, but they might work for you.

OR... Common Sense. - keep your tea / wine / beer / pop WELL AWAY FROM YOUR LAPTOP!

If for some reason, you have spilled wine/beer/water/pop into your laptop:

   1. Unplug the laptop from power supply

   2. Pull the battery out - yes, this isn't following proper shutdown procedure, but you want to

   3. Unplug power supply from wall

   4. Unplug any attached devices (mouse iPod, etc)

   5. Use towels to sop up as much of the spill as possible.

   6. Get some paper (or finer cloth) towels to wipe the laptop down carefully

   7. If the keyboard is removable, and you are comfortable, do so

   8. Consult your laptop owner's manual

   9. Turn the laptop upside down,and place a new towel between the LCD monitor and the keyboard.

  10. If you are worried about the LCD getting wet, put a plastic bag between it and the towel.

  11. Dry off the battery and power supply


  •      Do not use loads of bad language!
  •      Do not use the oven to dry your laptop
  •      Do not use the microwave to dry your laptop
  •      Do not use a hairdryer to dry your laptop
  •      Do not use a paint stripper to dry your laptop
  •      No not put your laptop in the dryer or in front of an electric fire
  •      Do not put it against a radiator to dry

Now, if you spilled pop, wine or coffee into the laptop, you should probably give us a call, as some of these are actually corrosive - they will cause damage to the laptop's electronics over time.  We can strip down the laptop properly and repair it for you. Give us a ca